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  • Self taught since 2011. Passionately living in her dreams. :)

    In such a short time, Mona has had her artworks recognized in international magazines, newspapers, and social media. She has had multiple exhibitions, and some of her artworks are held in international private collections.

    In 2011 she taught herself digital painting as a hobby. Soon after, her artworks started receiving a lot of attention, and encouraged her to pursue it professionally.

    In mid 2012, she started painting and experimenting with traditional mediums; mostly watercolor and acrylics. The subject of many of her artworks are females because it allows her to relate herself in each of her artworks. She likes to experiment with different mediums to convey her feelings and emotions, and she uses colors and textures to express herself.

    Mona has a very big place in her heart for the animals and the environment, and does everything that she can to support them through her art, her time, and her endless love. She makes it her mission to find ways to help every year.